Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches these classes ?

Our instructors are from technical and engineering backgrounds. They are all well trained in our curriculum and can handle both the streams of technology.

Is the material provided by you ?

Yes, all the material required for Robotics and Aeromodelling is provided by us.

Are the kids allowed to take back home the Robots and the Aircrafts ?

The kids are allowed to take the Aircrafts but not the Robots.

Why are the Robotics kits not given as a take away ?

Unlike the other robotic kits available in the market which provide a very small range of robots to be constructed and programmed limiting the creativity to the child, the kit used by us provides a flexibility of designing unlimited number of Robots enabling the kids to boost and enhance their creative skills. Our aim is to explore the kids to the world of Science and Technology and Educate them on the same and not just build a Robot and play with it. Hence, for the same we use a highly advanced version of Lego Robotics kit which is mainly developed for classroom use and not for a playful mean because of which they are not given as a take away.

Is it necessary to purchase the Robotics kit if the child needs to practice at home and improve his/her creation?

Not necessary at the preliminary stage. Because this is their learning process and a stage of getting the concepts understood. Later when the child reaches upto a level where he/she wants to expand his/her imaginations yes you can definitely purchase the kit.

Is it a theoretical or a hands-on practical course ?

The sessions are broken down into theory and practical, as our aim is to make the kids understand the concepts of both Robotics and Aeromodelling in a hands-on, fun and engaging manner.

Is not a very early stage to start with such a program for a 7year old ?

We have various Modules designed as per the age group of the child. And since our sessions are hands-on practical based it makes the topic and the concept more interesting for the child to understand. The working models made by the kids help them to relate with the concepts explained.

My 5 year old child is very bright and keeps on building some or the other creation at home can he/she opt for these activities ?

The age groups provided by us are determined based on past experiences and take into account many factors from reading ability to level of focus to being able to understand the concepts since this is not just a fun activity but making education and science fun to learn. It will be more beneficial for your child to opt for these activities once he/she reaches the age provided by us.

Will there be a make-up class if the child has missed any ?

Yes, as per the convenient time available to the teacher do cover up the class that the child is missed.

Which activity should the child opt for ?

Robotics and Aeromodelling are two completely different subjects. Both the activities focus on completely different topics. So which activity to opt for is completely depends upon the interest and choice of the child.


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  • 2nd Runners Up at TRICKS 2012 National Level Open Robotics Competition by ThinklabsSpace and Research Center, IIT Powai

  • 1st Position at Gizmo Geeks 2012 by podar International School, Santacruz

  • 3rdPosition at the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad Pune Regionals

  • 4th Position at the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad Nationals and Qualifiers for World Robot Olympiad at Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 1st Position at the 7th Indian Robot Olympiad Pune Regionals

  • 17th Position at the 8th World Robot Olympiad at Jakarta, Indonesia

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