KTC Activity Clubs

Our Activity Clubs are developed with an aim to help students to discover the World of Robotics and Aeromodelling by enabling them to design, build, program and test SMART ROBOTS and design, construct and fly AMAZING AIRCRAFTS in a natural, hands-on step-by-step learning process. With a combination of highly advanced Robotics and Aeromodelling building sets and progressive activities, our club provides students with right tools to put their knowledge into practice and challenges them to come up with new innovative ideas.

We follow the 4C Learning Process

A new concept is connected to previous knowledge with the children at the start of every activity. They are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas around creative challenge presented to them. Their curiosity and interest are awakened.


While constructing physical objects, children simultaneously "construct" knowledge in their minds. Doing this collaboratively with others, children get to hone their communication and cooperative skills at the same time.


Children are guided to reflect upon what they learned and share insights obtained during the Construct phase. Facilitating questions are designed to help them gain awareness of the process and explore new ways to go about finding solutions.


Every task ends with a new task that builds on what has been learned. This phase is designed to keep the learner in a "State of Flow". The flow is an optimal state of intrinsic motivation, where a person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing.

Welcome to EDUBotics The Robotics Club

Workshop Kids Techie Club fllicon Logo Kids Techie Club has taken a step forward to revolutionize the world of popular and educational robotics with a pioneering concept of EDUBotics.

The core of the concept is the power of building a robotics system with a user – friendly programming software and engaging curriculum activities.

Students are guided to DESIGN, BUILD, PROGRAM and RUN Smart Robots,
  • To 'SEE' and wander around in a room using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • To 'AVOID OBSTACLES' using Touch Sensor
  • To 'FOLLOW A DEDICATED LINE' using a Light Sensor
    And last but not the least
  • To 'ROAM AROUND' using Interactive Servo Motors.

Why Robotics?
  • "Hands-on...Minds on" Robots are an engaging means to teach and inspire young minds.
  • Programming to succeed... kids who study robotics master 21st century aptitudes that translate into workforce skill sets.
  • Working with robots enables science & technology learning, encourages creative decision-making, promotes teamwork, and builds confidence.
The Problem-solving Process
  • What is the robot's task?
  • What behaviors are needed to accomplish it?
  • Create the program - debug then download.
  • Run the program.
  • Is the Robot behaving badly (doesn't do task)?
  • What is the robot's task?
  • What behaviors are needed to accomplish it?
  • Create the program - debug then download.
  • Run the program.
  • Is the Robot behaving badly (doesn't do task)?
Welcome to AeroKids The Aeromodelling Club

Workshop Kids Techie Club fllicon Logo Kids Techie Club encourages Aeromodelling as hobby since it involves a variety of things. The main concept is to help kids, build their own model aircrafts and race them or simply play with them on their own.
Now, these days the sport/hobby of aeromodelling is slightly better than it used to be. Kids can literally create their very own model aircraft and experience its breath - taking flight.

Kids can start up with their hobby of aeromodelling by making,

Simple to Advanced Paper Planes and further, moving to,
Constructing Amazing Wooden and Foam Aircrafts such as,

  • Non-Powered Catapult
  • Rubber Propelled
  • RC Engine Powered
Why Aeromodelling as an Educational Hobby ?

Kids always do have a curiosity of knowing how does a plane actually fly?

Aeromodelling is the platform where they can get all their questions solved. It helps them to understand the 'Aerodynamics' or the 'Physics of Flight'.

A lot of people enjoy this hobby and it's become quite an enjoyable sport as well. A lot of people take part in races with the models that they have made and it's certainly a very competitive sport. If you're at all interested in this kind of creative things then Kids Techie Club is the platform where you can begin with under its Aeromodelling Club, AeroKids.

The Learning Process
  • Design a Plane
  • Assemble it
  • Add Control Surfaces on it to make it take TURNS or to increase its LIFT.
  • Just enjoy the thrilling flight of the airplane created by you!!!



  • 2nd Runners Up at TRICKS 2012 National Level Open Robotics Competition by ThinklabsSpace and Research Center, IIT Powai

  • 1st Position at Gizmo Geeks 2012 by podar International School, Santacruz

  • 3rdPosition at the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad Pune Regionals

  • 4th Position at the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad Nationals and Qualifiers for World Robot Olympiad at Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 1st Position at the 7th Indian Robot Olympiad Pune Regionals

  • 17th Position at the 8th World Robot Olympiad at Jakarta, Indonesia

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