KTC Activity Benefits
The thrill of genuine achievement

Our solutions are based on hands – on learning techniques that empowers kids to enter a dynamic learning process. Instead of simply memorizing the achievements of others, kids are presented with challenges that encourage them to use their imagination, try out their problem, solving skills and cooperate with others. This way kids experience the thrill of genuine achievement and develop vital skills for their future success.

Developing curriculum skills

We engage students aged 6 and above to develop curriculum skills by building and programming smart robots and by constructing and flying amazing aircraft models in a natural, step-by-step learning process. With a combination of advanced Robotics and Aeromodelling building sets and progressive curriculum activities, Kids Techie Club provides kids with right tools to put their knowledge into practice and challenges them to come up with new innovative ideas.

Creativity, problem-solving and team-working skills

We simulate student’s creative problem solving and team working skills. Kids are challenged by working with various problems hands on solving them by using their own ideas and working together with others. This not only strengthens their ability to learn, they also become better at co-operating, communicating and thinking independently.

Discover the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in a fun way

Program and control input and output devices; use new wireless communications technology; research and share information via computer; use multimedia for class-room activity.


While constructing physical objects, children simultaneously “construct” knowledge in their minds. Doing this collaboratively with others, children get to hone their communication and cooperative skills at the same time.


Brainstorm solutions; choose one, then build it, test it and evaluate it.


Gain experience in measuring distance, circumference, rotational speed; use coordinate systems.


Workshop Kids Techie Club   First Lego League Workshop Kids Techie Club Indian Robot Olympiad Workshop Kids Techie Club Junoir First Lego League Workshop Kids Techie Club   Indian Robot Olympiad


  • 2nd Runners Up at TRICKS 2012 National Level Open Robotics Competition by ThinklabsSpace and Research Center, IIT Powai

  • 1st Position at Gizmo Geeks 2012 by podar International School, Santacruz

  • 3rdPosition at the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad Pune Regionals

  • 4th Position at the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad Nationals and Qualifiers for World Robot Olympiad at Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 1st Position at the 7th Indian Robot Olympiad Pune Regionals

  • 17th Position at the 8th World Robot Olympiad at Jakarta, Indonesia

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